Stone - Stage Manager

The Stage Manager is a key position in any successful theater production. The position has a unique function because it serves the dual function of assistant to the director and production staff during the rehearsal period and then becomes the person in charge of the production during the actual performance. 

In addition last season Danielle acted as assistant director as well as stage manager.

Lily Thibert - Sound tech

Lily is responsible for all songs, or sounds played during  a show. She also is responsible for managing audio volume and sound quality at performances

Last season Lily was an actress in our productions.

Emali Bennet - Light tech/ Choreographer

​Lighting technicians work closely with lighting designers, sound technicians, the director and the stage manager to combine their skills and help create the live theatre experience. They produce the lighting effects seen in live theatre productions and their work can range from operating strobes, lasers and pyrotechnics to providing basic spotlighting depending on the production.

Kayla McArdle - Dance Choreographer

Yasmine Sole - Fight and Dance Choreographer


RYT’s Board of Directors and team members are all volunteers.

Shana Thibert– Executive Director

Ms. Thibert is responsible for guiding RYT in all aspects, from the day- to- day running of the 

company to the quality of our productions. Shana is critical in ensuring we make
smooth transitions from planning productions through rehearsal and into to the actual performance. Shana has experience as a theatre board member as she 
previously held the position of volunteer coordinator on the RYT board. 
She has also been the artistic director for some of RYT's 2015/16  and 2016/ 2017 productions

Ryan Elbaba –Treasurer

Mr. Elbaba is responsible for the management of the company’s finances and the 
preparation of the financial statements. He has years of experience working for 

non profit organizations. He is currently Internal VicePresident of the Essex Medieval HeritageSociety as well as the Deputy-Treasurer for the Society for Creative Anachronism: Essex 

County Chapter. 

He has received an advanced diploma in business accounting and is currently studying 

accounting fraud at Davenport University

Melissa Mcfarlane – Secretary

Ms. McFarlane organizes the general running of our company, she takes minutes at our meetings, sends out agendas, hands out assignments and makes sure we are aware of/adhering to any 

legal requirements affecting our company. Melissa has worked for many years at CIBC bank as a customer service associate. 
Melissa also helps out in our costuming department 

Taylor Thibert - Public Relations/ Media Liason 

Ms. Thibert is responsible for all our public relations needs. She contacts all outside people in regards to venue rentals, sponsorships, advertising, media releases, and general information and questions. In addition to her public relations role she also assists with running the theatre program and acts a vocal coach for RYT singers. Taylor was promoted to an adult board position after being a youth member for a number of years

Erin Lettner -  Fundraising Supervisor 

​Mrs. Lettner is responsible for creating, organizing and running all RYT fundraisers. She also assists in running the theatre program. ​​

Amber Milne - Volunteer coordinator

Miss Milne is responsible for coordinating all the volunteers for RYT shows and functions

In addition to her coordinator role she also assists with running the theatre program and acts a vocal coach for RYT singers. Amber was promoted to an adult board position after being a youth member for a number of years



Taran Robertson Thompson - Youth Advocate

 An RYT youth advocate board member is a youth member of the company who acts as a 
liaison between RYT’s participating youth and the Board of Directors. As an intermediary 
she will make herself available to any and all youth who may have concerns that need to be 

addressed by the Board. She will also act as speaker for the youth at any board meetings. 
Any information from a board meeting that needs to be relayed to the youth will be done 
by the youth advocate, who will answer any questions that arise. We hope this will create a non-intimidating environment for youth discussions within the company. 

Kayla McArdle - Youth Advocate

Ms. McArdle is also a youth member of the company who holds the same duties and 
responsibilities as our other youth advocate. 
In addition, last season, Kayla was a choreographer for one of our 2017 productions.